Metal Roofs DO NOT Last a Lifetime!



While a metal roof can be beautiful on a rustic cabin in the woods that beauty quickly fades.  When a roof was once a gorgeous deep green it is now a pale faded green.  The so called 40-year warranty on these metal roofs is not for the color, screws, gaskets or anything else besides that the metal itself will not rust.   The screws, and gaskets require maintenance every 8-9 years.  With time, changes in weather conditions cause them to deteriorate which can lead to leaky roofs.  If a leak does happen you will need to use over sized screws to fill in the wear around the original screws, this can be a costly repair to some folks that really thought they would have a worry free roof.

There is nothing worse than a leaky roof! The floors of your interior get wet and the carpets get soggy. Sometimes the water lands on electronic appliances causing many problems for homeowners. Hail, when it falls in large sizes, can also cause dents on your metal roofs. Metal roofs are also known to be noisier than other roof types during rain showers.  If you have a lot of foliage around your house, you will even hear the dry leaves falling on your roof sometimes. Fruits from the trees fall with a huge bang which can disturb many people living inside the house.

Asphalt shingles are lightweight and are very flexible and strong. They are thus well-suited for many roof types and can be nailed on to them. Composition shingles that are made of fiberglass or asphalt are also very durable and can withstand changing weather conditions. You can even walk on them without damaging the shingles.  Fasteners are protected under the shingles.  The fasteners on a metal roof are exposed to the elements.  That is another reason that metal roofs are a poorly designed roof system.

Architectural shingles are an excellent choice to provide your home with a clean and sophisticated look at a very affordable price.  Shingle roofs are a low maintenance roofing system.  We offer top quality GAF architectural shingle roofs and since we are the only GAF Master Elite roofers in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area we can offer you a 25 year workmanship warranty.  After reviewing all of the facts…..isn’t it easy to see the best choice?

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